We Will Make the Property More Attractive


Before we begin offering a property to potential buyers, we make recommendations to improve the appeal of the flat or the house for sale (homestaging). We will stage the property in order for the potential buyer to be able to imagine that particular property fulfilling the vision of their dream house, and project their own personal life style into the property.

Professional Photography

We will take professional photos of your property, so that we can show it to potential buyers in an accurate, but positive way. Every property has its positive, as well as negative aspects. Combining professional photography with homestaging raises the chances of catching the eye of a solvent potential buyer.

Energy Efficiency Certificates

To sell a property, you will need to get a building energy efficiency certificate (PENB certificate). The PENB shows the energy consumed in the everyday use of the building, and also provides you with recommendations on how to improve the current situation. We selected a partner (the company of PKV) who will prepare a high quality energy efficiency certificate for you, all while sparing you the frustration that comes with gathering the necessary documents.

The difference between professional and non-professional presentation

The presentation of your property must be particularly emotional. People make decisions based on emotions, and logical reasoning plays less importance. What does it mean? At first glance, those interested in your property must fall in love and remember. Photographs of real estate play an irreplaceable role.
We tested how people respond to the same property presented in different quality. We showed the respondents a professional and non-professional presentation of the property. Respondents then answered the questions: How much would you buy this property? and Would you like to go see the apartment? The results showed that the way of presentation has a significant impact on the sale and desire of people to go through the property.