A Word by the Founder

Broker Consulting Is Not Just a Job.
It Is a Lifestyle.

In 1998 we launched our business out of a small, just a few square meters large Pilsen office. But in our heads and hearts we already carried a vision of a company our clients would one day consider synonymous with top-notch financial services. Twenty years have passed during which our company has progressed and grown. We have gradually earned people’s trust and built our name both on the financial and real estate markets. When I look at us today, I see a strong company with 2,000 professional consultants and 700,000 satisfied clients.

We help our clients achieve their strategic financial goals. The lives of our clients become significantly easier with individual financial plans prepared by our consultants. We play a part in ensuring that our clients’ housing situation reflect their vision, that they be able to collect an annuity in the autumn of their lives, or that they be able to ensure good education for their children. To our clients we are a long term companion on their journey towards financial independence. The real estate and financial transactions that we help realize are oftentimes their biggest and most important decisions. Therefore, we consider the secure completion all such transactions our top priority.

Our team is formed by experts who have literally turned their job with us into their life’s mission. We offer professional opportunities to students, but also to people who want a change in life and want to feel satisfied in the job they are doing. As part of bringing the convenience to yet another, higher level all across the Czech Republic, we have been building a network of our OK POINT franchise locations, which offer the ability to access banking, real estate and financial services all in one single location. 

What contributes to our quest for finding yet more effective solutions to our clients’ financial needs is the development of new technologies, but also several extraordinary products that cannot be found anywhere else but in our company. One of those is OK Double Plus, an innovation that allows for a negotiation of a high insured amount under favourable conditions. On the other hand, the OK Smart ETF investment product combines, in a revolutionary manner, the advantages of active administration of funds with favourable pricing conditions associated with passive investment strategy.

Check out how your life will look like with a financial plan prepared by Broker Consulting.


Petr Hrubý