About the Company

We are financial and real estate consultants. We help people safely pursue their personal goals and make big life-changing decisions. We inspire our clients and co-operators alike to grow and become financially independent.

The above-mentioned corporate mission statement is likely the best description of what Broker Consulting represents. It is a company that safely guides its clients through the complex world of personal finances and provides assistance even with such important transactions as the purchase or the sale of one’s real estate property.

These six basic facts represent Broker Consulting:

Czech company that earned its spot on the market as early as in 1998. The headquarters are located in Pilsen, Prague and Bratislava.
In 2022, total turnover of the wider group climbed up to CZK 2.8 billion. We have been growing constantly for 25 years.
Company that has interconnected the world of finances, real estate and banking services in an unequalled way. Its business model is totally unique to Czechia.
Trusted partner for family finances and the sale of real estate, who has served over 700,000 clients over the period of its existence.
One of the largest companies offering financial, and today also real estate services in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.
We co-operate with over 60 financial institutions. That lets us keep the very important independence.

When preparing the selection of products and services, our consultants always adhere to the interests of our clients, respect their particular financial situation, their plans and needs. They comply with the principles of confidentiality about any and all facts related to the client, and act according to our company’s Code of Conduct. They comply with all legally prescribed prerequisites and registrations required to pursue their business activity.