Family Office – Family Wealth Management Tool

It is quite common that families with considerable assets, both movable and immovable, pay close attention to not only their business, but also the long-term management of their family wealth. This does not necessarily only include any businesses owned by the family, but also any real estate properties, securities, works of art and collectible items, investment gold or investment gems, as well as practically any assets that make sense within the structure of the family wealth portfolio.

Who the Service
Is For

The MONECO Family Office will be appreciated by our customers with a broad asset structure ranging in the hundreds of millions of crowns, who are looking for a functional model for its administration and protection. As an added value, it offers clear organization of the ownership structure, and last but not least interesting tax savings.

The Principle
of the Service

We offer a unique solution, which combines the creation of a special investment structure using the best of the best in the standards of administration and functioning of alternative investment funds with the option of flexible family asset management in the horizon of 20 years or more.

Family Office
in a nutshell

  1. We will create an effective investment structure simulating an investment fund for you.
  2. The resulting investment structure generates different types of securities for the family members.
  3. This means a tax effective structure for the distribution of profits.
  4. Family wealth remains “locked” and well protected against sell-off or disintegration.

MONECO Family Office Benefits

  1. Increased total return on asset structure.
  2. Significant savings of asset administration resources and higher level of asset protection.
  3. Significant decrease in investment associated risks.
  4. Homogenization of family asset shares under one entity – holding/fund.
  5. Explicit distribution of property values among family members, including their future rights.
An illustrative example:

Original state

Status after transformation using the service Moneco Family Office

The MONECO Family Office service has been created in cooperation with experts from Broker Consulting, a.s., MONECO investiční společnost, a.s. and Atret Consulting s.r.o. Its chief guarantor is a prominent personality on the Czech financial market – Ing. Martin Hanzlík, LL.M.

To express your interest in the MONECO Family Office service, please contact your Broker Consulting consultant or leave us your contact details via the contact form.