OK Double Plus – Smart Solution for Your Insurance Needs

Significantly multiply your insurance coverage and gain more security for your life.

Extremely Affordable Life Insurance

With the OK Double Plus product you have the ability to use a million protection in the event of death or disability for a fraction of the commonly available price.

For example, a 25-year-old will only pay CZK 99** a month. And what if you are 30? All you need is CZK 109* a month. All while the best currently available products offer similar protection for over 350 crowns.

What makes us be able to bring you insurance coverage for the best prices available out there? The key reason is that the product is based on a revolutionary concept of group insurance founded on trilateral negotiations with our reliable foreign partners – the German insurance company myLife and the French reinsurer SCOR.

Revolutionary Model

The OK Double Plus project is built on the revolutionary concept of group insurance. How exactly does this work?

The policyholder is Broker Consulting, and the company also provides the actual administration of part of the insurance. That eliminates a long list of common expenses that drive the price of the insurance up, and you save money.

The model of group insurance has been functioning for many years, for example in fleet car insurance. However, Broker Consulting was the first to find the audacity to apply this model to the sphere of life insurance.

Simple Administration

How can you start taking advantage of the benefits that the new OK Double Plus has to offer? To apply, all you need is a simple form in the A4 format. People 51-years-old and under can get insurance coverage of up to CZK 2,000,000 without the need for filling out a comprehensive health questionnaire, even if they are not one hundred percent in great health***. People over 51 have the option to get insurance coverage of up to the amount of CZK 1,000,000 under the same conditions. We are able to arrange cutting-edge insurance coverage in four versions:

  • Insurance in the event of death
  • Insurance in the event of death and disability in the 3rd degree
  • Insurance in the event of accidental death and accidental disability in the 3rd degree
  • Insurance in the event of disability in the 3rd degree with insurance benefit of 20 % of the insured amount in the event of death

You have the option to be insured up to CZK 5,000,000 with OK Double. All you have to do is select the OK Double Plus and start using it immediately. Your Broker Consulting financial consultant will help you with the selection of the version that will be right for you.

The Wait Is Over

Our financial consultants and their clients waited for an insurance plan with the parameters of OK Double Plus for several years. Now, they can rely on the solution brought to them by Broker Consulting, thanks to which an insurance plan is available to them that offers sufficient coverage, reflects their true needs and is in line with the current practice of financial planning. At last, even coverage amounts in millions of crowns are now readily affordable. Thanks to that you may now enjoy the security of your living standard or, for example, keep calm when it comes to your mortgage payments.

Triple the Insured Amounts

OK Double Plus can be taken out together with the standard life insurance products intermediated by the Broker Consulting financial counselling company. It gives you a chance to multiply your insured amount up to threefold. What you gain is an insurance plan with a price and performance ratio that has been unheard of on the Czech market to date.

* Reinsurer: Simply put, a reinsurer is an insurer for the insurance company. It is a legal obligation for insurance companies to be partially reinsured. If the reinsurer provides its services to the insurance company in an effective manner, the insurance policy may be significantly more affordable for the clients.
**The OK Double Plus premiums increase in 5-year intervals depending on the current age of the insured person and the underwritten scope of the insured coverage.
***Your financial consultant has a specific extensive list of acceptable health conditions for you to view.