Program for People Who Start Their Second Career with Us

We have seen hundreds of people go through our program. They used to be company directors, businessmen and businesswomen, sportsmen, teachers, bankers, entrepreneurs… Today they have well established, income generating consultant practices. Everyone gets their own guarantor who assists them in their transition as much or as little as they need. It is worthwhile to find a position that you enjoy doing, which gives you purpose and the ability to live according to your expectations. We offer you just that.

Tomáš Paur We Work and Forget to Think Whether It Makes Sense

We spend a great part of our lives intensively at work, making money. It comes up to about 80,000 hours. Yet many people reach a point after many years on their job (and sometimes also running their own business) at which they feel their career is not fulfilling anymore. Lack of fulfilment at work can present itself on many levels. Someone can find that their job is socially insignificant. Another person may not feel they are getting adequate pay or are unhappy with workplace relationships. Active people often deal with a feeling that they are not making full use of their skills and cannot realize their full potential; they feel uncomfortable in a job where their colleagues are only going at half the speed. They do not want to wear themselves down, but they do want to do things with purpose. If you are experiencing anything similar to this, it is time to ask yourself the question, whether starting a “second career” would help.

Breathe freely thanks to the second career.

It is precisely their second career that often helps people start breathing freely again. We live in times when staying in one field or even in one job for the entire lifetime has become unusual. Some people consider a second career to be a threat, while others view it as an opportunity. Feeling apprehensive is natural, therefore it is best to take the time to familiarize yourself with the work we do first; to sit down with someone who has worked with us for a while, and only then start making decisions. We offer people who want to find out more about the opportunities of working with us by looking under the lid a chance to spend some time with us and find out everything they need to know to make that decision. Fill out the form and we will discuss the details.