I Am Joining Your Ranks from the Same Profession

A partnership with Broker Consulting brings you notably an opportunity to grow an entire team, the opportunity to provide comprehensive services, it provides legal and legislative piece of mind, cutting-edge technologies, and an environment that gives space to the best professionals to fully dedicate their time to the job. Regional director Jiří Vejr shared his experience with us with the transition to Broker Consulting with is entire team.

Jiří Vejr We Create High-End Conditions for Experts from the Same Profession

We have an average personal monthly turnover of over 100,000 crowns per consultant.

My entire team and I switched to Broker Consulting from working at an insurance company. What should you know if you are considering switching jobs? Broker Consulting represents a system and a brand for the best consultants and managers in the market. You can measure it. In Broker Consulting, the turnover per one professional co-operator exceeds 100,000 crowns a month. Compare it to the others.

Are You Just Looking for Freedom or a System That Works?
In our company, freedom and democracy goes hand in hand with responsibility. We are a synonym for excellent customer service, expertise and drive. We want to win “together”, like in a sport. We are professionals, we play by the rules, and we make sure things work flawlessly. We create a system that enables us to work with concentration. That is our approach. And naturally, we expect our new colleagues to profess similar values.

True Partnership
All of us who came from the profession, be it from a financial institution, brokerage firm or a real estate company – we all came with our habits; but also with a belief that our situation would improve. However, when you switch workplaces, no matter whose ranks you are joining, success is not automatic. When we joined the company, Broker Consulting just went through mergers of entire companies (Fin Consulting, Broker Expert, Integrated Financial Services) both in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, and celebrated repeated success in adapting tens of consultants. The others’ experience gave me positive outlook on things. We went through a year-long adaptation period, we were given time and extra support, and that translated into overall growth.

Life with Broker Consulting has a few wonderful highlights: golf tournaments, regularly organized regatta, conferences, offsite meetings, contests to win vacation packages to destinations all over the world, charitable events, dinners, balls… They have everything we may possibly need for our managerial position or to make life more enjoyable available for us (consultants, as well as members of management) right here.