I Am Joining Your Ranks As a Student

We have come up with a special program for students, which facilitates their integration and training, while enabling them to continue their studies and combine school with work at the same time. We demand a lot from our students, but they are rewarded by being better fit for fully entering the workforce. The absolute majority of students perceive their working experience at Broker Consulting as considerably more dignified and useful than any of the commonly available temporary jobs and summer jobs at the lowest positions.

Matěj Kubrt I Started as a Student

I joined Broker Consulting in 2007 as a corporate management student. I have travelled the path from a complete beginner to the post of a senior regional director. Not only did I find a career here, I also found my family – my wife Aneta, and we even opened an OK POINT franchise location together.

Ten years ago I was just starting to write my story. I was in a similar position as the majority of students today. Maybe just like the one you are in. I had to dig deep into my pockets and I had my entire future ahead of me with no clear outlines. I could become anyone or no one. All I had to do was to decide which way to go.
I found out that as a student I did not have a ton of career options. There was not a single place waiting for me with a great position, sexy job content and a great pay. And when I mentioned during a job interview that I would love to travel, I did not meet with much understanding either.

You may now expect me to tell you, that when I started in Broker Consulting I found Paradise on Earth. Paradise does not exist, but I am simply happy with the path I chose for myself. Otherwise, I would not have been here for over 10 years now. Needless to say, my journey was not always straightforward. I experienced both better and not so great times; but that is life. And when I look back and see the crew and the team we have created, when I see the work we do for our clients, I feel proud. The initial excitement has gradually turned into something much calmer but more valuable. It is no longer about me, it is principally about the people who are joining us and who I am able to pass my experience on to.

Aneta Kubrtová Every Rookie Has Their Guarantor

As opposed to Matěj, I never felt like I could do anything. So when I ended up joining Broker Consulting after several temporary jobs in fast food restaurants, I considered it a test of whether I could work while studying. In reality, I wanted to see how it would go. I think that trying things out instead of getting immediately fixated on some idea of expected success is healthy.
The first few months were not exactly excellent, in fact, they were really bad, but instead of criticizing me, Matěj told me to stick with it, and as my guarantor he put a lot of effort into my training. In addition to that, my colleagues and I supported each other. They were actually good times. I did not cram, yet I gained so much knowledge. We have a program for training students that is worth giving a try. It gives you the opportunity to finish your school while taking a job that is surely more of a challenge than going to “work as an assistant” at some place or “collect experience for your CV” for several years at lower positions.

The height of my career has so far been running an OK POINT since 2017; and 2017 was also the year I successfully graduated. If I ever need a CV again, I have something to write about.