We Will Actively Work on Finding a Buyer

We Will Select Individualized Sales Strategy

Who is the property intended for? Why should a buyer be interested? Where and how will we approach potential buyers? Where should the property not be presented so that it would not lose its attractiveness? How will we introduce it onto the market, knowing that the first few weeks are crucial? Having a strategy is of tremendous importance.

We Will Pick Effective Advertising Media

We utilize the most visited advertising portals, but you will also find smaller, specialized advertising media in our portfolio. Some properties need strong advertising presence. Others, on the other hand, require a deliberate approach that will underscore the exclusiveness of the property to the given target group of potential buyers. 

Call Centre Available 24/7

From experience we know that one third of interested potential buyers make calls after 5 p.m. or during the weekend, when most of the agents are already off. Our Call Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which ensures we are not losing any potentially interested buyers. 

We Will Approach Investors 

We have a database of investors and clients looking to buy a property. Thanks to our advanced technology, they will learn about your property in an entirely automatic way. The sale can be closed on even before your property appears in any advertising media. This way, we have sold not only quite a few properties, but also entire development projects. 

2,000 Consultants and Tens of OK POINTs

Working with Broker Consulting will let you take advantage of an entirely exclusive tool that you cannot find anywhere else. Your property will be offered to potential buyers or renters by approximately 2,000 financial consultants, as well as in tens of our OK POINT business locations across the entire republic, which significantly increases the chances of success. 

We Will Conduct Professional Showings with Potential Buyers 

We will prepare a way to present the property not only in advertising media, but also in person. The psychology of sale, finding out feedback and emotions, professional presentation, experience and an unbiased point of view. You can take advantage of all of the above when you work with our consultant.