Coaching and Growth

Functional Educational System

Thanks to our educational system, you will obtain the necessary certifications and all the right skills. Partnering with the Broker Consulting brand primarily means access to the latest working procedures and first-rate information. Our job requires continuous training. There is no doubt about that. But training can flow easily and, what is more important, while you are on the job, with the help of your guarantor, who personally dedicates their time to you when you need it. You will not find “school” or boring corporate training in our company.

Apart from the team of instructors, our online webinars are available to you on a weekly basis, as well as comfortable online education and sharing of your best experiences with your colleagues.

Our rookies go through the Financial ABC, our more experienced colleagues gain expert knowledge and skills in the Financial Academy, while in turn we share our real estate knowhow at our Real estate Academy.

When it comes to our managers, they go through several stages of our Management Academy, part of which takes part abroad. Oftentimes we also invite renowned foreign lecturers.